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The Smith and Wesson Booth

Smith & Wesson was focusing on some performance center models and some new .308 AR pattern rifles:

PC 1911

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is a Scandium Commander that the S&W’s Performance Center has put its hands on.  Each slide is mated to the frame, and the modifications shown here are performed.  The best part is that the S&W rep priced this at around $1,500.  Not bad at all.

M&P 9/40 Pro Series Core

We saw and shot these during Media Day at the Range back on Monday.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Core designation means a model comes with 6 plates that allow optics to be mounted.  It also differs from the normal model in that it has a different sear, trigger, and backstrap.  Both the 9mm and .40 S&W are available with 4.25″ or 5″ barrels for around $750 MSRP (the S&W web site says $729 however).  9mm capacity is 17+1; .40 S&W carries 15+1.

M&P 10

Smith and Wesson has three new .308 Winchester M&P rifles.  The “civilian” model comes in Realtree Camo, and has a Magpul MOE stock.  Controls are ambidextrous.  10″ barrel, nitrite coating, optics ready.  Lead time should be about 2-3 weeks.  MSRP: $1,700.

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The M&P version has 5R rifling, a contoured barrel with flash hider, adjustable stock.  MSRP is a bit over $1,500.

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The third new rifle has more Magpul goodies (grip, MOE handguard.)  Available colors shown below.  MSRP wasn’t available:

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