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Beretta Nano Chassis and Rock River Widebody

First chance to handle the Beretta Nano.  It isn’t especially new, but it was interesting as it is following in the footsteps on the Sig 250 in that the metal chassis indies the polymer frame is the serialized part…note the white metal insert at the top of the left grip panel.  This means that they will be offering different exterior pieces to change it from a full sized to a compact to a sub-compact pistol…possibility even offering different chamberings with the buyer only having to do paperwork for one gun


There had been some request to take a look at the new Wide Bodied 1911 from Rock River Arms

In a word it is WIDE…and BLOCKY…it just didn’t feel very good in the hand


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2 Responses to "Beretta Nano Chassis and Rock River Widebody"

  1. Zack says:

    Can we possibly get more info on the RRA Wide Body? MSRP? Release date?

    1. Derek Zeanah says:

      MSRP was “around” $800 according to the rep, and you are about 2-3 months away from seeing it.

      Of course, actual release dates don’t always line up with expected release dates.