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Steyr AUG A3

The AUG is back

I’ve always had a thing for the Steyr AUG carbine, so I was excited when I went by the Steyr booth and saw this on display.


Here are the pertinent details as I understand them:

  • The Steyr AUG A3 should be available in June, at a price of around $2,200.
  • Steyr is now manufacturing the parts that Sabre Defense had been responsible for, prior to Sabre’s demise.
  • This has an M1913 rail for optics (A Kahles riflescope was on display, with a circular reticle reminiscent of the original Steyr scope).
  • According to the representative I spoke with there are no known issues with the weapon, and they have a comprehensive one year warranty.  I’d personally prefer a lifetime warranty, but it is what it is.


I still don’t know what I’ll do about the pre-ban version I was offered.  The new AUG sure points well, and it seems like a fun carbine.

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