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Rock Island Armory Micro Mag

The latest from Rock Island Armory is the Micro Mag 9mm/22 TCM target.


Beside the 9mm barrel, there is a barrel and recoil spring for their new .22 TCM cartridge.  Tthe Micro Mag comes equipped with adjustable sights.  A simple switch of the barrel and recoil spring is all it takes to changes over, then you just have to adjust the sights to get on targetFired out of a 5″ barrel, the 40gr bullet will be blazing out at about 2000 fps.  The cartridge was originally based on the shell from the 5.56x45mm case, but it now loaded in new brass manufactured by Armscor

They are using their new wide body frame for this model, which holds 17 rounds of 9mm



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3 Responses to "Rock Island Armory Micro Mag"

  1. Burl Martin says:

    I bought one of the Rock Island .22 TCMs and the 9MM shoots great, but the.22 TCM will NOT extract the casings.I do not know if anyone else has had this problem,but I haven’t figured it out. Magazine or extractor problems??

    1. curtwyckoff says:

      contact armscor if there are any isues they will fix them best customor service around 775-537-1444

  2. tony white says:

    great gun,super customer service and just the best gun ive ever shot and i have fired alot of gun. they hit a home run with this 22 tcm