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Privacy Policy

Shooting Reviews does not sell or otherwise transfer information on our users or visitors.  The only exception is in cases where a warrant or subpoena is produced.  In these cases we comply with the law.

With that said, there are multiple factors that affect the privacy of users on this site.  These originate from five sources:

  1. In order for this web site to function, cookies are stored on the user’s computer.  These are used to track login information, so the web site knows your credentials and can track how recently you visited.  These cookies are issued from the domain.
  2. Advertisers perform their own tracking.  Cookies placed by advertisers are generally used for ad tracking: an advertiser might want to show an ad to a user no more than twice per day; without tracking there is no way to control delivery to this degree.  These mostly originate from Google’s ad network, though individual writers on Shooting Reviews may choose to show ads from other advertisers.
  3. Third parties track visitors and their behavior.  This is used for analytic purposes like answering the question “what percentage of users are repeat visitors, and which are visiting for the first time?” or “how many pages does the average visitor view, and how long do they stay?”  Over time this information is used to improve the quality and usefulness of the site.  Our analytics service is Google Analytics, though our web server also logs this information directly without the use of cookies or other information stored on visitors’ computers.
  4. Some third parties track visitors in order to accumulate statistics about our audience.  These can be used to answer questions about our viewers as a whole.  Google and Quantcast are used for these purposes.  (To see the sort of aggregate information Quantcast makes available, see the graphic on THR’s advertising page.)
  5. Finally, Google and other search engines index this web site frequently, sometimes within seconds of an update.  Your comments here will be noted, logged, and indexed by search engines.  Shooting Reviews has no control over indexed data, and we have no way of requesting its removal should you request a comment be deleted.

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