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New Products from Ruger

Ruger’s booth was full of new products.  Here’s the quick and dirty:



New Steel 1911 Commander

I asked about this, and apparently a steel commander was what the market wanted.  I prefer aluminum frames myself, but I’m always thrilled to see more 1911’s on the market.

MSRP is $829, so this is looking very affordable as well.

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Striker fired, 10 round magazines, ambi safety, ambi mag release, rail, and a reversible backstrap so the buyer can choose whether the backstrap should be straight or curved.  MSRP is $529

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This is a new take on the LCP, which is still in the line-up.  It’s bigger in the hand (and in the holster/pocket), offers magazine capacity of 7+1, has a 3.12″ barrel, and weight 17.2 ounces.  MSRP us $449

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SR22 Threaded Barrel

That’s the model name – “SR22 Threaded Barrel.”  This felt great in hand, and had a surprisingly nice trigger.  Comes with two 10 round magazines, two different grip sleeves so you can decide how wide to make the grip, and has a 3.5″ barrel.  This has an MSRP of $409, or $429 with the silver anodized slide (sorry about the image quality on the latter.)

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Ruger 22-45 Light

This has an aluminum upper, and a stainless steel barrel sleeve.  Notice the threaded barrel (I wish my 22-45 had a threaded barrel…)  MSRP is $499

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LCR in .22 Magnum

This was one I wish John could have seen.  6 shots, 1.875″ barrel, and a $529 MSRP.  I was also told that Hornady is coming out with a new .22 WMR loading in their Critical Defense line, making .22 WMR a much more viable carry caliber.

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The most interesting thing I noticed here is that many Ruger rifles are now coming with a new three part system consisting of a:

  • Muzzle break
  • Weight
  • Thread protector


The muzzle break and the attachable weight are designed so that moving from one to another will result in zero change in point of impact.  Sometimes you want a break, sometimes you don’t, and now you don’t need to re-zero.

Guide Gun

This comes with three spacers so length of pull can be customized.  It’s available in chamberings from 30-06 to .375 Ruger, has a 20″ barrel, a $1,199 MSRP, and is available in a left-handed model:

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Magnum Hunter



This has a very grippy Hogue overmold stock, is chambered in .330 Winchester Magnum, and comes with a 24″ skinny profile barrel.  Weight was 8 lbs, but it felt significantly lighter due to its exceptional balance.

Stainless Steel Ruger Scout


Ruger is selling a ton of Scouts, and this year they’ve tweaked the line slightly by offering a stainless steel version with an 18″ barrel.

Ruger American Rifle

Yes, it’s a push feed instead of the more traditional Mauser action, but these have an MSRP of $449, typically sell for $349 on the street, and there’s reportedly one vendor selling these for $299.  These are available in chamberings from 22-250 up to 30-06, and while the trigger seems like it’s a knock off of the Savage AccuTrigger, the Ruger version locks the trigger, not the sear, so you don’t run into some of the problems you do with the Savage version if your trigger pull isn’t straight to the rear.

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Ruger #1


There are multiple versions of the Ruger #1, and now in any given year each version will only be available in one caliber.

New calibers available this year: 6.5-284 in a 24″ barrel, and .222 Remington.

Ruger 10-22 Integrated Laser Option

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you’ve been dying to have an integrated laser on your 10-22, it’s now a $129 option.

SR556VT Varmint

The SR556 is a piston rifle.  This particular variant comes with a 26″ stainless steel cold hammer forged barrel and Ruger’s patented 2-stage piston (the first stage breaks the inertia and gets the bolt moving, while the second is tasked with ejecting brass and chambering the next round.  You can see an adjustment control here which allows the user to tune the rifle to whatever load is being fired.

MSRP is $1,995, and the 2-stage trigger on the rifle was actually pretty good.

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