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MKA 1919 – AR-Style Shotgun

We didn’t know what to think when we walked up on this one.  At first glance, it looked like a huge, blown-up AR-15.  As it happens, MKA has produced an AR-15, only in 12 gauge.  Retail price for the basic version  is around $700-800.

Various Versions of the MKA1919

The MKA 1919 12-ga. shotgun, being a 12-ga. shotgun with a detachable box magazine, is an obvious competitor to the Saiga-12 platform.  Firebird Custom, a well-regarded competition rifle shop, was quick to see the possibilities in such a system, and has built a number of MKAs up for USPSA Open competition.

Stock MKA1919 on the top, custom Open MKA1919 with Ergo Grips and Magpul stock shotgun below.

The author, trying to pretend that he shoots this well all the time...

Close-up of the polymer lower receiver.

Only one of us got the fire the weapon, but he hit 5 out of 5 clays using the mounted EOTech optic.  While the MKA1919 is not exactly an ideal skeet gun, it’s quite fast to the shoulder.  For a 6.5# gun, the recoil was quite manageable. Magazines are available in 2, 3, 5, or 10 round capacity.

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3 Responses to "MKA 1919 – AR-Style Shotgun"

  1. Armor says:

    Another detailed review can be found at Gunsumer Reports and shows lots of photos.

  2. hello
    i have had my mka 1919 for 1 year and have had 0 problems with it all i have added was a breaching choke and it does a great job
    i have used non lieathel rubber bags rounds
    as well as tazer darts i have dura coat floresant yellow
    and color coded ammo cans witch diffrent colors
    as well as the mags si shoots verry well might install
    a left hand charging handle and a larger bilt bad lever
    i have used a varity of ammo in boath cal 3″ and 2 3/4″
    and no problend jme

  3. Ruben Isidro. says:

    Just got mine last wk……and am planning to try this coming wkend……