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Kahr Arms

Kahr made its reputation building small, high quality double-action-only handguns.  Kahr introduced its P380 several years ago, and it has seemed to usually get good reviews, but it is one of the pricier small DOA .380s.   I have been wanting to shoot a Kahr P380 for some time, and I was delighted to finally get the chance on Press Day.  What I did not immediately realize was that I was shooting the new CW380, which has a suggested retail of over $200 less than the least expensive previous Kahr .380!

The little .380 felt good for such a small piece. After charging with Federal American Eagle FMJ, I put five quick shots through the shot-out COM of the zombie target placed at 7 yards. Then I did it again. And I did it again, though I was interrupted twice by failures to extract.  This is easily the most controllable small handgun I’ve fired, even compared to my little Kel-Tec P32s.

I get the feeling that the American Eagle may not have been the best ammunition for the Kahr, but I was extremely happy with the accuracy and controllability- which translated to fast shots on target- of the Kahr .380.  If shooters can find ammunition the little Kahr likes, at a suggested retail of $419, the CW380 will be quite a bargain.

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