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Crimson Trace Lightguard

Adjusting the point of impact

This is a product available for the M&P, XD, and Glocks (1911’s are coming later.)

The device is a red laser and a 100 lumen LED light, run time on one battery is about 2 hours.  At the range, at noon, the laser was visible on the steel targets (painted white) in both full sun and shade.

Best of all: the retail pricing is only $159.

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4 Responses to "Crimson Trace Lightguard"

  1. memphisjim says:

    this article is a bit misleading
    the light guard and laser are two separate products
    i have both on a glock 19

  2. Derek Zeanah says:

    You’re right. What I was told at the range does not match with your recollection, the information on Crimson Trace’s web site, or Chris
    Rhines’ knowledge about the product.

    I’ll try and swing by again before SHOT is over.

  3. memphisjim says:

    forget all this ill text message you a pic with his in a cross breed super tuck (which i bought off crimson trace’s website ) please go to smith and wesson and get me a scandium centenial j frame 9mm please

  4. memphisjim says: