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One of the neat new products I saw at SHOT was these foam bore swabs, called Bore-tips, intended to replace the traditional jag & patch for cleaning. They were first introduced to the market the day before the 2012 SHOT Show opened.

The Bore-tips are packaged in a plastic bag, and attached 6 to a sprue. Each swab twists easily of the sprue, and can then be screwed onto the end of a cleaning rod. I brought a bag of these swabs home with me from SHOT Show, as well as another package of assorted foam swabs and used them to clean my S&W Model 41, and my 24″ .223 Rock River AR-15 upper. I’m used to the very tight fit of a traditional jag and patch, so the ease with which these pushed through the bore was both¬†unnerving, because they truly just slide right through, and nice at the same time, because it was so easy. Because of the loose fit, I’m not sure that the Bore-tips are a true replacement for the jag, but they do a very good job of applying solvents to the bore.To me, that implies that this is more of a replacement for the slotted tip and bore mop.

The bag assorted swabs was very useful for getting into all nooks and crannies found in the upper receiver of the AR-15, and never left little tufts of cotton behind, as Q-tips commonly do. As an added benefit, the Bore-tips and swabs can be cleaned and reused, although I did not try this feature out.

If you’re looking for a better way to get solvent in your bores, or looking to upgrade from Q-tips, I can heartily recommend using Bore-tips and other foam swabs from Swab-its.

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