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Shootingreviews is an outgrowth of The High Road – the largest general-interest gun community on the Internet.  This site was conceived a little bit after the 2011 SHOT show, for the following reasons:

  • Placing live reports on a dedicated forum on THR was reasonably effective, but it didn’t really fit our purpose.  A separate site made more sense.
  • Lots of us put time and effort into product reviews and educational posts, but they get buried in all of THR’s content.  In January 2012 THR has 7.6 million posts.  This can mean that when looking for product information it’s hard to separate the wheat from the chaff, especially for newer members or those coming from search engines who aren’t familiar with our community.  Users who shoot 20,000 rounds per year and have well-founded opinions comment in threads along with users who may have rented a poorly maintained copy of the item in question at a range once.  Maybe.  Or, they may have read all the articles they found on the product and have based their entire opinion on that.
  • Trustworthy information on firearms, to put it plainly, is hard to find and evaluate.


That’s where ShootingReviews comes in.  Our goal is to produce honest reviews by people with enough knowledge to offer a critical evaluation.

We serve the readers, not the manufacturers.  You’ll note that no manufacturers advertise here directly; using ad networks gives us the insulation required to be able to offer a scathing review when necessary even if it upsets the manufacturer.

Who writes for shootingreviews?

Right now we are all staff from The High Road.

If you have a project in mind, please feel free to send mail to derek @ zeanah dot com.

3 Responses to "About"

  1. manilaice says:

    im looking for savage 32cal. pistol model 1905 0r 1907 7rds 010rds mags.

  2. Dave Bolin says:

    Just discovered your blog and, since it agrees with my evaluation of my new pistol, I like what I’ve seen. I just purchased an identical Rock Island Armory 1911A1 last week but haven’t fired it yet. I’m waiting for a couple of magazines arrive from CDNN (they have the Italian-made ACT-Mags that RIA use) so I can put rounds down-range without pausing every eight shots to poke hardball into the little blue box. I have some doubts about the edges of the safety ears, it wouldn’t have seemed to hard to de-horn that rascal at the plant but if it gets to be too much of a problem I have files (and know how to use them!). My big problem has been with the recoil-spring plug; I have arthritis in my thumb joints and that thing is torture to hold down while manipulating the barrel bushing! I’ve though of going to a shorter guide rod and the resulting solid-nosed plug, or coming up with a tool to assist with the job. So far I have something in mind but I’ll have to see if it’s feasible before I try to build it.
    Anyway, you have a nice addition to the body of firearms knowledge online and I thank you for your efforts.

  3. Bill says:

    Never did the follow-up on the Marksman Pocket Hunter slingshot? Searched the blog and couldn’t find anything but the original article. Did it turn out to be a bust or was it a real weapon? Limited, of course, but functional as advertised?

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